Rakuten Asia

the familiar.

The task was to propose and design a series of  give-aways that represents the corporate culture of Rakuten. These will be distributed during events or roadshows.

By taking inspiration from traditional Japanese laquerware and ceramic and putting a twist on it,  two designs were developed.


Bento Stationery Box

A regular bento box usually consists of a container
with reasonable depth, and a shallow lid. By simply
reversing the orientation of the box and adding an extra
groove to the base plate, additional surface area is
gained to present a set of customized stationery within
the base plate (previously the shallow lid), whilst the cover
(previously the container), serves as additional storage
space for other stationery items on an office table.


Silicon Cap-dish

The intention was to give flexibility to traditional
dishware by using silicon as a material. The material
property allows the dish to morph between a suction cap
and its primitive function – a dish, due to the gradation
and depth of the newly designed ‘cap-dish’.

project completed: 2015

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