When we first started the practice, we were certain that design should be practised with a guiding methodology. However, a design methodology isn’t something that can be conceived in a day. Rather, it requires analyzing and observing one’s processes and its outcomes repeatedly, over an extended period of time. This ultimately reveals an underlying, recurring pattern in one’s approach.

Conscious Subtraction is one of our core guiding methodologies. To consciously subtract is to deconstruct any preconceived mindsets when approaching a problem, task or object.

This requires us to look beyond what it should be to what it could possibly be. In some cases, new forms are constructed to carry out these functions. In others, new meaning is given to an existing form, through the introduction of new functions. A poster could be more than just a poster if you allow it to serve a function other than that of just a communication vessel.

This section serves as an archive of our studies, processes and thoughts related to this methodology.

Study Model: HF00
A New Place For Waste
Published: Jan 2019

Study Model: HF02
Readjusting Motion
Published: Apr 2019

Study Model: HF03 + 04

Sharing Forms
Published: Jun 2019

Study Model: HF05
Connecting Problems
Published: Jul 2019

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